Get your Personalized Pro Partner Page

Sign up for a personalized Pro Affiliate Page at to direct your clients who wish
to purchase MANEPRINT hair care products from you online.

What's involved?

For only $5 a month, we create a personalized page with your Business Logo, photo, and
Salon information as well as a space for your to promote your 5 favorite products.

You can send your Referral Link through social media, text, and email or place it on your
website to give your guests easy access to the store from your business eCommerce
platform. As long as your link is clicked on, the purchase will be credited to your account.

Why do I need one?

Your custom-made page makes it easy for your guests to shop your favorite products
with one click. Plus, simply sending them to your own personalized webpage takes any
guesswork out of using your custom link. It's easy for you, because you can have ease of
check out when your guests are in your chair. Not to mention, the design, layout and
maintenance of the page is all done by MANEPRINT! You simply need to distribute your
link to everyone you know!


Once you sign up for the monthly subscription, shoot our team an email with the following information:

1. Name

2. Business or Salon Name (as it will appear on your personalized Webpage)

3. Your top 4 product recommendations

4. Any other information you would like us to know

5. An image that best represents your business. Please make sure it is 2000x1000 pixels.

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