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We believe in making a positive impact on you and leaving a positive legacy for our world. That is why MANEPRINT has the Keepin it Clean Initiative which allows you to shop only the cleanest hair care brands on the market.


Where your hair's potential meets its perfect blueprint


Founded by expert Master Stylists, Maneprint is not just a hair care retailer; it's your trusted partner on the journey to flawless locks. We break down the essential steps – Cleanse, Condition, Treat, Balance, Prep, Shape, and Extend – guiding you toward a healthy, youthful mane.

With our curated range of products and expert advice, discover the secrets to vibrant, well-nourished hair. Experience the transformation as we unravel the Maneprint magic, empowering you to embrace your ideal hair with confidence and style.

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    "My overall experience was amazing! What a great store to order from! Shipping was super fast! Packaging was so superb. I am very impressed with your service . Thank you"


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    I must say your company could be and should be held up as the gold standard of outsanding customer service. All I can say is WOW!! I look forward to being an ongoing customer. You rock!


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    They have such an amazing selection of hair care products! I love the fact that I can set it all up on auto delivery so I never run out.


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